Relaxation Spa

Sometimes we just need a little love! My goal is to pamper, adore, excite and relax every bit of your being.

I have studied a variety of bodywork modalities designed to create relaxation and luscious energy flow and am always working to improve my skills. Adoring you fills my heart!

Important Note

Massage is a state licensed therapeutic health care profession. I do not offer massage. If you are seeking a massage please continue your search here.

Travel Note

I no longer travel with a massage table.  While this may affect the techniques I use during your visit, I still guarantee a lovely time! Thank you for understanding!

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Spa Pampering (90 minutes)

Enjoy letting go of everything other than the time ahead!  Your only "to-do" is to relax while I create  a sensual experience to relieve every last bit of stress – head to toe, and everything in between!
Seattle $300 ..... All Other Cities $450

Spa Indulgence (2 hours)

When you indulge I am able to pull out all of the stops to make you feel like a king! Beyond the Pampering session, we have time for intensive foot pampering, and/or engaging conversation while enjoying fresh fruit and the anti-oxidant properties of organic dark chocolate. This time is ALL about YOU, an indulgence to nourish the body and the soul!
Seattle $400 ..... All Other Cities $600

Mutual Spa (3 hours)

While you will never be allowed to leave my space without indulging in my loving ministrations, this session has been created for the true  giver! I completely understand the intense pleasure in providing pleasure!  Shall I let you enjoy too?
Seattle $800 ..... All Other Cities $1,200

Extended Spa Vacations

Create your own vision of indulgence and luxury centered around relaxation, care of the body, and great company! My passport is current, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Our time together will be unforgettable and profoundly intimate… You will be responsible for expenses incurred (airfare, lodging, food, etc.)  These vacations are also possible at my “Hotel Sanctuary” in Seattle with no airfare or lodging expense. A 50% deposit is required to reserve extended time, the  balance is due when we meet.
Please contact me for package rate details.