A Paramour for Patrons


Dear lovers and friends,

My specialty is in creating and nurturing alternative relationships that enrich life, free from day to day expectations and obligations.  Being Sola has created a magical world which supports my priorities - my family, my volunteer work, my many projects and interests, and my intimate relationships!   I will forever treasure the amazing people that I have met and the fabulous adventures that we have shared. I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey!

I am formally moving away from an hourly based fee structure to focus on my most adored and cherished patrons.  This shift will enable me to continue to provide my full loving attentions to a small number of friends, will facilitate a more natural "clock free" experience, will mitigate the many risks that this lifestyle entails, will create a more predictible and reliable schedule for your convenience, and all around - will benefit the richness of our connections!  This is a new approach for both of us, please let me know if you have any questions.
With hopes to adore you soon, and xoxo's!




"Introductions" are offered for returning friends who are unable to visit often enough to benefit from a patron relationship, as well as for potential patrons to determine chemistry and compatibility. 

I keep just one availablity per week for returning friends, and just one for new introductions.  Please provide as much advance notice as possible when requesting to meet... the best things in life are worth a bit of delicious anticipation!

Sensual Spa

Enjoy a variety of bodywork modalities designed to create relaxation and luscious energy flow.  Let me relieve every last bit of stress from head to toe - and everything in between!  This time is ALL about YOU, an experience to nourish the body and soul.

Spa Pampering (up to two hours) Seattle $400, Other Cities $600


Companionship sessions have as much (or little) use of the relaxation and healing amenities as you'd like, and the adult lounging room opens for our enjoyment.  Whether for a mini-vacation from your day to day, a delicious date with great conversation while savoring food foreplay before cozying in for dessert, or a full day or overnight of explorations and indulgence... let us create a space in time that is profoundly intimate and unforgettable!

Patrons who visit 2-4 times per month with an allowance structure will be offered significant benefits.  (See below for details.)

Tryst (up to two hours) Seattle $800, Other Cities $1,000

Epicurian (typically 4-6 hours) Seattle $1,600, Other Cities $2,000

Indulgence (all day adventures and overnights) Seattle $2400, Other Cities $2,600


Patron Arrangements

While these arrangements are flexible to accommodate a variety of desires and budgets, I've provided some general guidelines and expectations in order to facilitate ease of scheduling while ensuring maximum mutual benefit. 

Pampered      $1,000/month = approx. $1,200

Ex., Three Sensual Spas ...or... one Tryst and one Spa

Adored      $2,000/month = approx. $2,800

Ex., Three Trysts and one Sensual Spa ... or... one Epicurian and one Tryst

Cherished      $3,000/month = approx. $4,500

Ex., Two Epicurians and one Tryst and one Spa ... or ... one Indulgence and two Trysts and one Spa

Treasured      $4,000/month = approx. $6,400

Ex., One Indulgence and two Epicurians and one Tryst ... or ... two Indulgences and one Epicurian... or ...

one Indulgence and one Epicurian and three Trysts... or ... or ... or !

Extras!  Additional benefits for patrons include:

  • Priority scheduling, reserve any day of the week on my calendar as "yours" (move it around as needed!)
  • A bonus Sensual Spa offered in every five week month
  • Discounts on any special occassion dates that are added to your regular visit schedule
  • Vacations offered at: $2,500 for 24-hours, $1,000 per 24-hours to extend the adventure

Other Details

To ensure that I do not over commit myself, I am limited to accepting three or four Patrons at any time.  When these relationships are established I will offer a general discount to anyone who requests to be on the wait list, and will cease offering new introductions. 

Patrons are expected to provide their support monthly.  Please be clear with me when you are deciding to end a patron relationship so that I may notify any friends who have shown interest.  I will consider you to have ended our relationship if your support is more than two weeks late without communication.

I offer options to typical cash arrangements for Patrons!  If this interests you let's chat.