If you seek a relaxing and playful experience, if you crave sensual indulgence, if you desire to be pampered and adored,  and/or if you are a seeker with personal growth and healing intent – you are in the right place!

You may crave sensual connection and loving touch.  You may be looking for a willing partner to try something “new.”   You may seek an improved relationship to your own self and to others.  You may long for a greater capacity to experience  pleasure and a more meaningful understanding of sexuality.  You may wish to learn skills and technique to increase physical  and emotional intimacy…. You may want to use your creative life force for greater awareness, healing, aliveness, joy, love and creativity!  Perhaps you simply need to step away from your busy life to remember how wonderful it is to reside within your own skin.

It is my pleasure to be a witness, a guide and a muse. Let me inspire you, challenge you, love you, coax you, play with you!   Let us explore how to connect, how to be joyfully embodied, how to access our human potential and the power of sensual living.


About Sola...

Friends have described me as a free spirit who is genuine, curious, passionate, non-judgmental, and an engaging conversationalist.  

I am a city girl at heart – equally at home at an open-mic night in a local tavern as I am at the theater, yet, I require frequent  rejuvenating trips to revel in the natural beauty of the forest, mountains, ocean, hot springs and desert.  

My interests are  diverse  – travel, local theater and performance productions (viewing, not creating, lol!), home remodeling, hiking, sexology and sexual politics, metaphysics, humanities, social sciences, and much more.  Self-care and personal enrichment are important to me - cultivating my ideal of right-living helps to ensure that there is more Me, for  you. My time is often spent volunteering for my favorite non-profit SWOP-Seattle http://www.SWOP-Seattle.org, playing with my doggie, sweating at yoga, performing the  back-end details of being a self-employed business woman, visiting family and friends, reading a book, studying some new subject which  has caught my fancy, daydreaming under a tree (weather permitting!), or working on one of my *many* ongoing projects...  I take frequent vacations to maintain my vitality, often using long weekends to pursue classes and conferences relating to sexuality and healing arts.

I am passionate about the power of our erotic-sensual nature, about connecting to our vibrant core, and about authentic self expression.  My intention is to nurture sensual experience, to explore the human capacity for joy and pleasure, to love life deeply, and to be fully  present for myself and others. Being Sola is a blessing – this is my chosen path, my art and my craft.

Life is rich and beautifully busy,
and I am delighted to create time to relax and enjoy with YOU!