World English Dictionary: 
inspiration– n

1.    stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity
2.    the state or quality of being so stimulated or aroused
3.    someone or something that causes this state
4.    an idea or action resulting from such a state
5.    the act or process of inhaling; breathing in


This work was done by some of my talented friends. 

Thank you for sharing!


Being severely disabled, I have always been kept at arms reach from others.  Cut off and alone.  But not from Sola.  She accepted me with out a blink, with out a pause.  She made me feel real for the first time in my life.  When I am with her, I am normal.  My limitations are meaningless.  And she gives me an intimacy I would never have otherwise.  Until her, I convinced myself I would never feel connected or wanted.  But she gave me that.  I can not express how much that means to me.  

She is tender.  She is sweet.  And she has a perverse sense of humor.  I know I am lucky to have shared time with her.  And if you ever get the chance, you will know this too.

"For reasons not relevant this small tribute is late on arrival, but just as possibly right on time. I have been sharing time with Sola for more than a few years. And all of the wonderful things said by others before me are sentiments with which I could not agree more. Her compassion, her intelligence and playfulness, her sensuality, her beauty inside and out, her insight, her knowledge surrounding a wide range of healing modalities, her intuitiveness, her ability to BE, right there, in that moment, with you, wherever you happen to be, is only surpassed by her genuine self that she brings to you.

And in saying these things, I have to wonder what value there is in continuing to lavish the same praise. Does this become trite at some point? I have not said anything about Sola that has not already been said.  What I can add is a different perspective. I am a woman.

It has been well established that gentlemen love Sola. So, ladies, this one is for you! For any lovely women out there who might be wondering, or hesitant, or exploring possibilities and you have found yourself here, standing at this door, hear this: From sensual healing to companionship, from gleeful silliness to tears, from deep relaxation to deep emotional exploration, Sola will meet you there with an open heart, an open mind, and no judgment.  She will never tell you what to do; only what you can do if you choose to. If you choose to enter I believe you will leave having become a slightly better human for having shared time with her. I know I have. Again, and again.  

(submitted via personal email)

NEWS FLASH: Real Velcro Inventor Found!

Today the world of Velcro tennis shoes and diapers was turned upside down when the real inventor of Velcro was finally found kissing her lover while lounging in a large milk… yes, milk… bath. Long a mystery due to her private nature, she allowed herself to be found because she said, “Doing what’s right is not always easy but it feels better in the end.” Apparently the inspiration for the invention came to her one day when she was feeling frustrated by the effort required to stay close to her lover while kissing for hours as she likes to do. 

Her ingenious Velcro invention allowed them to remain lip-locked for extended periods with minimal effort, then separate easily when the need for a drink of water became critical. Although contemporary histories haven’t included this nugget about the true origin of Velcro, our society can feel deeply grateful for her creative solution for such a challenge of passion.

“Generosity: an enhancement” by Richard Powers is a strange little novel. I wanted to share the following passage:

The secret of happiness suddenly seemed absurdly simple: surround yourself with someone who was already happy.
I began to wonder if the author was writing about you? As I pondered, I began working the piece below….

Journey is cyclical with intentions illustrated by
Wanting, desiring, getting, and being
Destination is more than achieving goal
Happiness is floating in the presence of
Laughter lifting souls and dancing through the waves
Playful erotic invention begins in the mind
Looking to feel the magic of electric touch
Hearing the taste of tongue trailing over skin
Seeing the sound of heartbeats synchronize
Breathing deeply and discovering you
She is earth and moon; he is sun
Aligning beyond the physical
Knowing self to give back more
Energy flowing where there is no end
Weaving into the cosmos where there is no beginning
Together creating more gentleness
Releasing kindness onto the wind
A poem that I wrote after the time we shared…I feel you when I breathe
Like the scent of jasmine
Caressing a dewdrop…
Safe journeys together.


When I got home I spent time being with my experience of our time together and wrote a poem for us named “Sanctuary” in honor of the safe place of love, caring and growth that you have created for us when we’ve been together.

Breathe… be…
Trust in surrender
We seek our language
In touch beyond touch.
Deep truths want new homes
Explored in real light
True names share strength
With love, care and insight.
Breathing and being…
Surrendered in trust
Our language is growth
In touch beyond touch.


These beautiful sentiments were written by friends that I met through this website. Some are from personal e-mails and some are from on-line discussion boards. It lifts my spirits to receive such lovely comments. I just ask that you write with discretion and that you not post my cellular # on ANY website. Thank you!
* Reviews are written for entertainment purposes only
* I have removed portions of the reviews for privacy reasons
* I do not claim or accept responsibility for the information provided by others
* Reviews may not be printed, copied, re-posted or reproduced

It was a perfect afternoon and you clearly had thought of everything. Logic aside, however, your energy is something I aspire to. You were in the moment, relaxed, yet imbued with a magic that was contagious.

I’ve been reflecting on our time together and…You were (are) WONDERFUL! I didn’t really know what I was looking for until I was able to spend some time with you. You were perfect for me! Thank you so much for your kindness, your sensual touch, your ready & willing smile, for sharing your place of refuge, your great sense of humor, your confident & seductive manner, the real intimacy …. It was a sweet, sweet time for me. You turn out to be quite a gift. What a unexpected treat! Did I say Thank You…?

Sola seems to me to be all about wisdom. Not just awareness and sensuality, but a sage-like insight into the human condition that is rare indeed, and even more so in someone who looks so young. I knew from reading her website and blog that we could spend much time talking, so I chose the Epicurean Experience….Sola is imaginative and knowledgeable and very skilled, and I wished I could have stayed–and learned–for days.
I’m a very fact-based concrete sort of person, not mystical or touchy-feely at all. Yet in some way that I can only dimly recall, Sola was able to show me a bit of her world, of spirituality and sensuality, of insight and wisdom, in a way that made it completely tangible to me… and extraordinarily delightful… -UM

I will state up front that there is not much objectivity in this review. Sola has been under my skin, in my heart and in my head for over 2 years. I can only pray for another 2 years. My times with her have proven again and again her unwavering commitment to providing an unequaled experience. She is outside of the realm of simple ambition in all she does. Shedding away pretenses and exposing the heart to its hidden, unspoken and raw desire is what she does for me. She speaks her heart and I know I am better for it… She was attentive to all areas of me: mind, body and soul. In my visits with her, I’ve never known her to be distracted, distant or down. I’m sure she gets that way as she is incredibly passionate and feels deeply about many things. She has never missed a date. When she is with me, she is with me completely. She is an extraordinary lady… – SB

… Believe me when Sola says don’t set expectations … DON’T, she blew them away… will awaken senses that you never knew you had!… that trip home was basically a blur as I was in a state of bliss! – FF

The most caring charisma I have ever known… Our social meetings in the past were very comfortable, so I knew what to expect. I thought… Boy, was I wrong… I know now more what the true Courtesan experience is… she learned my needs, tended to them gracefully… It was/is a memory that will never fade… She is so sensual that you nearly lose track of your being at moments…. -N.T.

Personality: Sophisticated yet fun Sola is a well known Courtesan level lady. I say that because of the great reviews AND the level of training and knowledge she has undertaken to excel at this realm… What does a lady with all that knowledge do that is different???? …Well, i came to her without her really knowing my preferences. She was going to have to guess. In looking back, Sola is adept at fulfilling your wishes… -P.

RECOMMEND: 100 percent, absolutely, undeniably yes!
…I was so mesmerized -A.

What immediately struck me about Sola is that she seemed to be a grown up version of a “wild child” teenager, with a several prominent tattoos and a highly independent attitude. I don’t mean this in a negative way; quite the opposite, I liked Sola from the start and I could tell she would be lots of fun to share an evening of intimacy with…I was pampered to no end. As I was to discover, this was just a prelude… -Skibeach

She is the perfect woman for me. I seek a level of class, sensuality, sexuality, intelligence, humor and sophistication and Sola is all of the above… -KZRB

Atmosphere: Warm, cozy and romantic
Personality: Classy, sensual
… is a true courtesan and makes sure that you are treated to an ultimate experience of satisfaction. She is very skilled but warm, passionate and very real… I can’t thank Sola enough for such a wonderful evening and it was a great way to spend Valentine’s. -RS

…Sola is the consummate lady and hostess. I’ve never been a gift to any woman but I can tell you that I am one to her… This is not a bravado comment about me – it is about her. This defines who she is and what she is all about. I’ve been seeing her for just short of two years and each visit is better than the last. I really enjoy seeing someone regularly as I feel it deepens our connection and is really fulfilling on many different levels. She is the most selfless person I’ve ever met.  Sola could teach a class to us all on how to treat each other with respect and kindness. Oh, and some hotness too : ) She always meets me where I am. She is very nurturing, loving and can be just plain funny too. Of course, we all know the wisdom she so graciously shares. We are blessed to have her in our midst. …Pampered? Oh yes, I was. Rushed? Never! I’ve never been treated better by anyone. What a beautiful creature! A true lady. And she cooks too! What more does one need?… -SB

PERSONALITY: Sexy, sensual, caring, intelligent
She is one in a million. The ultimate courtesan, GFE that you/I have often sought in life. She is beautiful, sexy…To me, she is the perfect combination of class, sophistication and sensuality that a man could seek. ..she took me into another world and for two hours, I felt wanted, attended to and more… -BSD69

… I wasn’t in the best shape having come off almost a hundred hour work week. My energy was absolutely shot to hell, & she knew it. Our session went accordingly, & she was exactly, EXACTLY what I needed on that day at that time. She is one of my favorite ladies anywhere, & I consider it my great privilege to have her as my friend… -PS

REV: Sola Love – The Story Begins
… Her photos are accurate, but don’t convey her full beauty… Classy, contemporary and cozy.  The pace was never rushed, and never too relaxed. I think she has a sixth sense for pacing. … Sola is a playful tigress! I did not arrive at her place with any pre-conceived checklist, which was good, because I would have missed out on some wonderful sharing… we discussed our mutual interests in learning all we could about the human body and how sexuality is experienced at various levels … Sola’s a lover of life… Old enough to have depth and experience behind the things she shares, and young enough to still have that spark of life that so many allow to be extinguished by the World… Welcoming, heart-felt, genuine, caring, very, very sensual  (TER)

… I found her so fascinating and engaging that I knew I had to see her again, but for a longer period of time… Sola, on her site, shares that she is a “Companion, local tour guide, muse, sacred intimate”. I was blessed to be able to experience each of those facets of her this time…

Local Tour Guide – From the moment I arrived, I was in her capable hands. She handled all the transportation duties, as well as her marvelous accommodations, and found great places for us to dine at. A very gracious hostess.

Companion – Conversations were marvelous, as if we had known each other for years. How nice to be ‘out in the world’ with a special lady by your side. Sometimes the best things in life are the little things. Wandering the craft aisle at Bumbershoot, sharing anecdotes about funny movies we both liked, a light back rub while waiting for a presentation to start or the Monorail to depart.

Muse – One of the definitions is: “the source of an artist’s inspiration”. Without getting too personal, the time we spent together has expanded my horizons in a number of ways, and drawn me out as well.
Sacred Intimate – I appreciated her willingness to discover new things with me related to the research of Dr. Lin. And being an inquisitive guy, she was always willing to share what she had learned on any number of facets of human sexuality… The benefit of a few days together allowed for leisurely, intimate shared experiences, each with its own flavor.

They say good things come in threes. Being a researcher, I had to put this hypothesis to the test! …Sola and I exchanged emails, and the opportunity arose for her to be able to come to meet in The Big Apple, New York City, for a breakfast through dinner date… Sola and I have shared emails on the research of Dr Lin, and for our first playtime, focused on some of his techniques… The hottest moment I have ever experienced…

Ahhh, it was so good to see Sola again. She is truly an amazing woman. Fun, sexy, intelligent, beautiful… She really does make your time together special.. As for details, I will leave you simply with this: I could barely focus on the road on the way home with the pleasant thoughts of our time, and found it nigh impossible to drag my wonderfully exhausted carcass out of bed and off to work the next day. -ABAHD

…Much has been written about Sola, more elegantly than I probably will… I much appreciated her willingness to do the extra to please… She was much more down-to-earth, approachable, and energetic than I read into her web site …The sum of the experience is much more than the individual … And Sola is an artist in the way that one experiences a special integration of her many beautiful “parts” and skills, with her delightful persona… -N.S.

…She is enthusiastic, extremely sensual and responsive… The whole experience is very well thought out by Sola to please her guest… I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Sola to anyone. She is gifted woman as well as a sweetheart. -IJM

attitude: Sexual healer – enlightened, loving, and giving

atmosphere: Sensual, feminine, and spiritual

I have been fortunate to meet some great people through TER, and Sola Love is one of the greatest. She is a truly enlightened woman… physically, mentally, and spiritually… Awareness is probably the greatest gift Sola brings to those she meets…awareness of yourself, awareness of something more than just a physical exchange, awareness of the depth within your being, and awareness of the immense potential for joy we all have when our spirit is inspired… Sola, my dear… you are a true original, and while you may not be for everyone, those of us who appreciate you know that there are few who deserve the term One in a Lifetime more than you. -Mr.SD

PERSONALITY: initially coy, but I soon discovered her vivacious side, intelligent, sensitive, inquisitive

There’s something about the first moment one’s eyes meet another’s that portends the future. And so it was as I ambled through her garden gate Sola greeted me from the door wearing a shear chemise and a beautiful smile. She draped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a soft, gentle kiss. Oh what a lovely greeting. Following a few moments of becoming acquainted she took my hand and led me up stairs… I shared a wonderful therapeutic and restorative soak with her. The image is indelibly incised: a sweet lady in my arms, the soft warm water flowing over and around our suspended bodies. She was so sensitive, so seductive, so sensual… It was a magical unhurried time and though it has been weeks since our rendezvous, the sensations of Sola’s presence are still vivid today as they were when she left me with the soft kiss, whispering for me to return. She is erotic, beautiful, in touch with herself and with you. -S.

PERSONALITY: Very sweet, fun to talk to
RECOMMEND: highly recommended
Arranged to see her on my birthday. Sola met me at the door looking lovely and very sexy. We sat and chatted for a while and she offered me some wine; very easy to talk to and intelligent. She also had a birthday card and some cupcakes for me, which was so sweet of her… I thought I was with a long lost girlfriend… Had a fantastic time, and hope to have the opportunity to see her again soon. -NGFL

PERSONALITY: upfront and fun!
A gorgeous lady! Fun to chat with! A big flirt. Smart and very witty. Oh.. and did I mention SEXY!!! -Telly

Sola is an attractive, intelligent, articulate woman who is very sensuous, very skilled and very tuned to your needs. Her web photos are representative… Sola goes to considerable trouble to prepare for your visit. She often has a massage table available. Candles, scents, oils and probably some things I didn’t get time to see are all there for the offering. She is talkative, intelligent and opinionated. She is also very attuned to your needs… She is passionate and cares about drawing passion from you. – FT

When I left, the thought that came to mind was WOW, that was an experience with a true Courtesan (capital “C”). Seriously, I was treated with wonderful respect and admiration by a lovely woman. Physically she is small in stature with a great body, and a wonderful inviting smile. She knows massage, which was a good way to begin as I had some shoulder pain that needed attention and it was obvious she had experience. The accommodations were exceptional, the appetizers classy with an assortment of delectable treats of cheeses, crackers, nuts and fruits. Everything in the room went out of focus before long though. I was the center of attention. My wishes were anticipated and lovingly accommodated. It was not only enjoyable from a physical standpoint, but a real mind trip too, and that is the part that lasts.

This lady is the real deal. I didn’t just have a session, I had an “experience”. Smiles, giggles, passion, and great conversion were all part of the experience. What else could one want? … I am still smiling! -O.

“a gem for the guy who takes his fun seriously”
PERSONALITY: Very considerate and obviously intelligent… Kind and attentive.
This woman is very thoughtful, very thorough. If you want the company of a beautiful, sweet, passionate, intelligent woman who is focused entirely on you, you’ll find it with Sola. -TheS.

PERSONALITY: Mellow. Definitely sexy. Sultry. Very intelligent.
“Sola is incredible in every way. Intelligent, sexy, fun, and so friendly. I’m still pretty shy and nervous about all this, but she definitely put me at ease when I was with her. I know the next time will be even better. And you can bet there will be a next time…p.s. Where’s the “Four Thumbs Up!” button?” -ABAHD

“I was a little nervous but she settled me right down… I’ve never met a woman who understands the art of sensual touch like Sola… I know I’m leaving a lot out here but this lady is terrific. She was a partner, a lover AND a teacher. I learned a lot from her. I couldn’t have chosen a better companion.” -TW

Sola is a very erotic woman with a beautiful spirit and a beautiful body. We had a lovely time together that was satisfying on many levels. Sola has a broad range of erotic skills and interests… I really liked the ebb and flow of Sola’s energy – at times very powerful and focused and at other times almost more enveloping. -C

One in a lifetime
OMG WHAT A DOLL!!!!! Her pictures do not do her justice. I picked her up at her hotel, she came out and greeted me with a big hug and kiss, captured me with her eyes, and we headed off for the first part of our adventure… (city touring)… this girl has an energy that is unique. She is at once, sensual and playful, the girl next door you always knew was naughty AND nice, a completely captivating companion… She really does put everything of herself into making you feel special, and even more so than that, you know shes sincere. 
Can’t say enough good things about this wonderful woman…
She can turn you on with a touch. A glance. A giggle… Sola is a Tantric healer besides being a consummate GFE, and theres no way to describe the sensations she put me through with her hands… WoW… WoW!… It simply doesn’t get any better that that for me. Sola was smilin too:) The truth is, Sola is not for everyone. But if you are in tune with her style of energy, you simply will not find a more completely satisfying companion. -MZ

This girl is a stunner… Perfectly toned, perfectly proportioned… And her face! Impossible for me to describe, really. Not cover girl pretty, but truly beautiful. Maybe it’s her eyes, which gaze directly into yours as if seeing into your soul while opening up her own, or the smile that lights the room, and you know it’s just for you… It was as if we were lovers reunited after a long separation rather than strangers meeting for the first time. Sola has two kinds of energy (at least).
I described the quiet, healing energy… (and/then) she turns on an entirely new energy… Her origninal post announcing her tour said let me love you and leave you. Didn’t know what to make of that at the time, but for two blessed hours I truly felt loved, and returned it. I’m not kidding myself. I’m sure every visitor she entertains receives this level of caring and intimacy. And, impossible as it is for me to understand, she means it each time. But just being in her presence is a cure for care and sorrow. It doesn’t get much better than this. -D.

… attractive, mesmerizing, and compassionate lady. Her web photos accurately reflect her beauty and also capture the many personalities she can bring to a session. These vary from being seductive, sensuous and receptive, to being whimsical, to being a take-charge lady, all of which I experience sometime during our session. Her attitude is what one would expect from a highly intelligent free spirit that has a very sex-positive perspective on life… I highly recommend my friend, Sola… -J

In fact, this is really a review of six visits.. Sola is everything the other positive reviews describe her as… all that, and she is smart, thoughtful and extremely discreet and professional. I choose to visit Sola not only because of the many positive reviews of her, but because in my email interactions with her she expressed a sincere enthusiasm for her profession and was willing to offer me incite into my own sexual expression. Sola has also been willing and able to help me intellectually explore the reasons I was seeking a professional in the first place. In short, as she has been an honest, thoughtful and intelligent guide into my own sexuality and intimacy.
A continuing highlight for me is that I always have the feeling that I have been spending the afternoon lingering with a friend and lover. This feeling increases with time and our sessions keep getting better and better. I highly recommend Sola if you want to re-live an old love, move forward in exploration, have continuity in a provider, or just experience a level and quality of human caring that really can’t be paid for but only given by someone who is really concerned with the sexual health of their patrons. -B

I can say with unequivocal fervor that my session with Sola was and is the most positive and enjoyable provider experience I have ever had… Remarkably, our second session was more intimate, more passionate, and more fulfilling than our first… She has gone to great lengths to create a warm, comfortable and private environment… Once enveloped in the privacy of her space, Sola became a passionate playmate, full of erotic energy… Sola continues to amaze me with her heart, her spirit, and her passion. -M

“My dearest Sola,
I am sitting here in a bemused, somewhat befuddled state of bliss that I haven’t felt in a very long time… Tonight was deliciously special. Thank you. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for your connection. Thank you for helping me get in touch with my center. You are a living, breathing, joyfully alive manifestation of grace and wonder. I am looking forward to our next encounter.” (personal email)

“Your comments on channeling and your hints at energy transformation disclose your identity as an alchemist and your dedication to Divine sources. You have the intuition and disposition of a healer. You have strong Guides protecting you.” (personal email)

These reviews are for Devie, or Sola – Sensual Healing specific.
…With all the emphasis on spiritual healing at her web site at first I was a little worried she’d be “too spiritual” for me and this horny boy was going to be disappointed. When we finally met I flipped the opposite direction and worried she was too worldly for me! In about 10 minutes I was relaxing in her arms and I realized she was perfect – naughty and nice, devil and angel both at the same time….I’ve rarely met anyone with such a fully integrated sense of self. She is right there for you at all times on any level you need her to be. What a special gift!


RECOMMEND: Absofrigginlutely

… I can honestly say, she did not live up to expectations that I had from reading reviews – she completely exceeded them in every way!… Devie is an amazing, wonderful, and beautiful person. – ZS


PERSONALITY: wise, sensual, caring
I’ve seen Devie several times, and every time I promise myself it won’t be so long before I see her next time… She is extremely good at connecting one with one’s body, bringing all the sensations of touch and breath to the fore. – S.

Reviews As Devie (bodywork)

PERSONALITY: Alluring and cheerful
I have to say, I have experienced a few things in my life and this one ranks in the top 10… you will not experience something as in-depth and uplifting as this experience… – DR
… Devie’s touch is focused and magical… For me, besides the sheer sensual ecstasy of her ministrations, three of the truly remarkable qualities about Devie is her heart, her dedication, and her generosity… – CE
…She seemed to enter a really remarkable state: very present, very attuned, very sensitive and intuitive. She appeared to know exactly where I was energetically in each moment; slowly beginning to gently touch me as she talked, almost chanting/singing… She went on for some time, and I could feel her explore me energetically as she spoke; occasionally she would pause for the briefest moment in mid-stream, and then resume, now having shifted to talking gently and quite directly about something quite relevant to how I’d been feeling recently, sometimes speaking to contours pretty deep within me. Slowly, I let myself relax, feeling the imbalances in me I hadn’t been aware of but 
that now seemed obvious, feeling them shift and settle.
… Devie is a multi-modality healer, no doubt about it. Her touch was perfect in several ways; just what my skin needed, what my muscles needed, what my body needed, what my psyche needed, what my energy needed – needed and didn’t know I needed, I couldn’t have known what to ask for; but I didn’t have to. With all of this happening to me on multiple levels, I was gradually brought to a peak almost without awareness of what was happening, and at the same time with heightened awareness – I was in a pretty altered state too by this time.But what I think I appreciated most about Devie came after the peak. She knows how to use the wonderful, amazing openness and energy of 
that state I was in, state I can sense the power of but have no real idea how to use. She did some toning into each chakra that was truly healing, healing and balancing. Hard to describe, but it was wonderful – and so pleasurable! And, I did learn something. Though I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’ve since used this toning with another in that state and, hey, it’s amazing!So this was my experience with Devie, some elements of it, anyway. One thing I sense about Devie is that I’ll bet that she tunes in quite well to where a client is and what they need, whether they know it or not; and someone else’s experience, yours maybe, might be quite different than mine. But wonderful, whatever it is. – Allesander
While in Seattle recently I had the opportunity to enjoy the “Bodywork” of one of the most outstanding FBSM providers I have experienced. Devie is a petite woman with amazing hands and other extraordinary talents. She offers a “Whole-Body” healing experience and her 2-hour Bath Ceremony is a wonder that is difficult to describe in words. If you find yourself tin Seattle and seek a state of deep relaxation, and a totally sensual experience, I highly recommend Devie. Not only is this young lady beautiful and talented, she is highly intelligent, well read and a wonderful evening companion. I highly recommend her. – R.O.
… here is a *long* overdue review of Devie. I say *long* overdue because I have already seen her five times. And, I guess that should give you a pretty good idea of where I am going with this review…. Devie is a beautiful woman in all respects. Yes, she has nice pictures on her web-site. But somehow, as wonderful as they are, they fail to capture the essence of her spirit when she looks into my eyes… Beyond that she still has another, almost indescrible, etherial facet to her presence. For me “spiritual” captures the essence of my time with her. I believe Devie is an “old soul”, a true healer, in many senses of the word. She is very well versed in many healing modalities. A teacher. Yes – a teacher, for sure. What else can I say? Devie is a wonderful woman, committed to your well being. – S.W.
I’m a shy school boy at heart but Devie was masterful at soothing my nervousness. I did not know what to expect from our bath ceremony but that wonderful hot water combined with her soothing hands and voice soon had my tension leaving… Her thoughts on the wisdom of the body where thought provoking and I loved listening to the cadence of her voice… soon had me cresting one of the largest waves I’ve ever had, and then she kept me at that peak for what seemed forever!
Devie sent my relaxed self on my way with a gentle kiss and a glowing smile. I have been smiling ever since! Our time together was unforgettable and I can’t wait to see her again. Her kind soul, deep wisdom, breathtaking beauty, and sexual energy still has me glowing. – S
“Devie is pure magic. it’s like she’s an eight arm godess.” – TC
I am one of the disabled people on SSI that Devie made time for. She is truly an amazing person and a true healer, She has magical hands. I suffer from chronic pain and if not for Devie at a critical point about a month and a half ago, you may never have gotten to read this! On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain you have ever had, I was at a constant 9. Devie, . . . Thank You so very much, your kindness and love are very much appreciated! PERSONALITY: Caring, soothing, special Come with an open mind and an open heart.

RECOMMEND: A definite YES! COMMENTS: I had been in constant pain for about for about 4 weeks (I have had numerious spine surgeries) when I read Devie’s post to help people on disability. I thought, “why not apply nothing else has helped”… She claims not to have healing powers, I am here to tell you different, her lessons on breathing and her magical hands left me quite refreshed and with my pain level (on a scale of 1 to 10) at a managable 5. – O.S.
– Since using your services, I feel better at age 65 than I did at 35! Thank you so much! – EJ
 My goal and expectations were simple. I wanted to slow down, relax, enjoy life and maybe even learn something. I left Devie with all goals achieved. I do believe I had a bit of natural high as I stumbled out the door back to reality. I will go back and soon! In this case the journey made the destination so much better. – N.B.
Review: Devie – Floating, In a Daze, Like a Rag… PERSONALITY: warm, caring & compassionate.
When I met her I felt as if I was in a very safe warm place. My main goal was relaxation and education… She explained many things to me about Electric Body Work, Chakras and the like. Only 1% that I can remember. But I will become fervent follower of the ways of Devie; especially if she is the leader. It was like a total body experience. Going on a wonderful tour of your own body, with an intimate guide… I can’t wait to go back, again and again – H.B.
RECOMMEND: absolutely, enthusiastically
Devie uses her very considerable skills and some oils to penetrate deep… and sends all the knots and tensions far into the netherlands… She uses all of HER to take care of ALL of YOU.
I highly recommend the bath ceremony. Set to candlelight and music, Devie joins you for setting a mood that makes the rest of the world just disappear. During that time she clenses both you and your spirit, explains what the experience will be about, and instructs you in how to get rid of all the “bad stuff”, both in your life and in your body. She teaches you to relax and to breathe properly. And along the way, her magnificent touch just send you to….well, it just send you. Devie’s skills are considerable… What was very pleasant and somewhat unanticipated was the extras during the next few days of travels. These were all filled with extrodinarily difficult situations, during which I was able to conjur up both the image & memory of the experience, and the advice Devie left me with. These both made me able 
to get through these tough ones Very OK. – F
“her real qualities emerge as she takes you in hand, and, slowly, deeply, and with great concentration, proceeds to smoothe out the kinks, open up the energy flows; the overwhelming sense is one of being in the hands of a master healer, who uses sensuality as the vehicle into the mysteries of the human body. What a trip! She is ‘right there’, provocative eye-contact. My impression is that there 
are no set routines whatsoever — that she tunes into what you need, and works like a wizard to provide it… There is no doubt in my mind that she is of the erotic-spiritual tradition going back into the temples of old, that place where healing is within the realm where the spiritual and the erotic merge. Here is a woman who can take you there.” – T.P.
“When asked about Fire, I really had no idea what ecstasy did await. What an incredible experience. Words cannot adequately describe the awakening. I continue to be in your presence.” (personal e-mail)
“You worked some magic on me that I won’t soon forget! Thank you!… “What I’ve been thinking about since our session is the nature of the connection we made…. And the sensual nature of the experience for me… the session seemed beyond conventional measure of time.” (personal e-mail)

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed my first session with you. First of all, you did such a nice job in helping me feel welcome, relaxed, and trusting. The session was absolutely wonderful, almost too wonderful for words; nevertheless,I will give it a try. At times during the session it felt as if your hands melted into my body and became an energy source spreading warmth and power through out. Other times I was amazingly able to experience sudden, unexpected, and powerfuly charged feelings surge through me. 
Those feelings are definetly beyond description; however, fortunately they are still vividly imprinted within me – truly unforgetable. 
I anxiously await our next session. Thank-you!” (personal e-mail)