Please read this page CAREFULLY before contacting me.


I prefer guests age (30+), and welcome you regardless of race, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation and relationship status. If you require special  accommodation or have allergies please let me know. My desire is to encourage healthy and fulfilling relationships. You do not  need to share details with me, yet, know that if you are in relationship I would be honored to meet your partner!


Early mornings are best reserved for cotton sheets and dreaming, and alarm clocks are painfully inhumane.  I am unavailable to meet earlier than 10am. I am selective of whom I choose too share intimate time with, and meet just a select few individuals in any week.  When my schedule is  “full”, it is full.  Weekends are only available with advance notice.  Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice to coordinate calendars... the more, the better!


I have a lovely pied-à-terre in Seattle, WA; about 1.5 miles from the downtown waterfront.  My Sanctuary has an adult playroom, a massage nook, and a  shower in the fully stocked bathroom. Allergies?  Please be aware that a sweet little doggie is often with me.  I'm available to visit you, and to  travel as well. I also visit the east coast twice each year (spring and  fall).  

Donation Etiquette

You are invited to sign up for my newsletter to receive unposted offers. My rates are not negotiable. Unless we are making special plans for a vacation or discussing a Patron Arrangement, I ask that you never mention financial matters.  Please have your fee in an unsealed envelope, and upon arrival place it on a table then excuse yourself to wash your hands.

Early or Late, Cancellations

I greatly respect the value of your time, and ask the same in return. Your appointment is for the time scheduled. Please call if you find yourself running early or late. If you are early I may be in the middle of preparations. If you are several minutes late I’ll be waiting! If you are 15 or more minutes late the time is “spent” and you  will be responsible for the original agreed donation.  Same-day cancellations incur a 50% cancellation fee. If I must same-day cancel for any reason I offer a 50% credit on the rescheduled visit. No-Shows are simply inexcusable but for the most dire circumstance - a no show incurs a 100% fee for the time missed in order to reserve time in the future. I offer this same as a credit if an emergency prevents me from calling you.

Confidentiality, Security & Privacy

Safety is extremely important to me… for your benefit, and mine!
Unless you are an Allowance Relationship or have chosen to opt-in for my newsletter, I do not keep any records of your personal information. My newsletter is delivered from a separate account than that used for scheduling for security reasons. Emails and call logs are deleted after we meet. I do not share my computer, I clean my hard drive regularly, I have firewall protection and computer encryption. Please do what you can to ensure that my information stays secure as well.

Once we have met I ask you to choose a nickname. Please make the name one that you feel comfortable stating on the phone – and one that you will remember! This name is used for future scheduling and requesting references.

I will never approach you in public.  If you see me and I am alone feel free to say “Hello!”, or not.

Please write  your directions to my location on the donation envelope. This way both of us are assured that my information will be properly disposed of.


Please do not contact me from a work email. I do not want my website to be seen by the IT department. If you share a computer please educate yourself  on clearing the browser history, cache and cookies, and learn to create high security passwords.

My emails are typically short and discreet, it is not personal. If we have met you are welcome to send information about your own experiences,  links to sexy stories and toys that you enjoy, you may also ask questions about my experience with various types of play. Do not send explicit requests for any type of activity or you will be blocked. If we have scheduled time to meet I will provide you with my the number for my burner phone.

I do not like to "chat" by phone or text, and often have my device on Do Not Disturb.  Emails are my preferred means of communicating, aside of face to face!  If you save my number, use a discreet name and/or scramble the digits.


References are a valuable tool for assisting everyone to feel more secure when meeting someone new, while protecting personal  information. I am always happy to help, however, YOU MUST CONTACT ME FIRST. Unless you have pre-authorized such requests I will not tell  another individual that we have met. This is for YOUR safety. For the safety of the person requesting the reference I may decline if it has been more than six months and/or I do not have a clear  recollection. Please provide your nickname and/or information to help jog my memory. Thank you!


While intention is always welcome please leave your expectations at the door. This is not a scripted program or show. Our conversations will shape your experience. I am particularly interested in hearing what brings you to see me and if you have any whole-being practices, needs, concerns or physical limitations. Please be clean and groomed. You are welcome to shower when you arrive.

If you show any less than respect and kindness, display a lack of concern for physical safety, appear intoxicated or make illegal requests I will end our time abruptly. Please use common sense.  


Important Notice and Disclaimer

My work does not cure ailments. Sensual Healing is intended to educate and assist you in finding harmony, the state where the wisdom of your own body may be called upon for your well-being. This is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult your therapist or physician if you have physiological or psychological concerns, and let me know if you are undergoing any type of treatment. I am happy to work with you, however I must know of pre-existing conditions.

My work is not massage. Massage is a health care practice licensed and regulated by state agencies. If you are seeking massage please ask your family and friends for a referral. I offer multi-modality self-exploration and relaxation therapy.

Sessions are not for the purpose of sexual gratification. If you seek sexual gratification and pure entertainment, save yourself investing in my time and search elsewhere.  My desire is to meet with those who know they are seeking something…  more.

I urge you to be informed and active in politics. There are many individuals and organized groups supporting legislation which denies your right to privacy, supports persecution and prosecution of consensual crimes, and impedes your right to a strong and healthy sexual identity. Please exercise your constitutional right to use your voice and your vote to bring sanity to public policy.