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Please note that this calendar shows what city I am in. I may not be available on any specific listed day.

Location Notes
My dates may be flexible with notice, don’t hesitate to ask! I arrange special trips to Portland around dates that are 4-hours or longer.

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New Friends

Do you want to meet? Please read this page and my Etiquette guide COMPLETELY! I reject inquiries from those who do not follow directions. Don’t let the details stand between us!

There is a wealth of information on-line to assure your safety and to help in selecting the best practitioner for your needs. In  considering your request to meet I have only my verification and my intuition with which to guard my freedom and physical safety.  In order to be flexible I offer several verification options.

If you are uncomfortable with my requirements please enjoy your time with someone else!

Verification Options

Option 1: References

I accept references from reputable and verifiable practitioners whom you have previously met.  References are not your mother, your best  friend or your supervisor at work. When providing references, please notify them in advance to remind them of your past meeting and to assure them that my inquiry is  authorized. It will make things easier and will save time! Please provide me with their web URL, and any information that might help them recall who you are. (“I’m Mike from Chicago, I gave her  a Norah Jones CD in San Francisco last May.”)

Option 2: Alternate Screening

I offer alternative screening to members of Date-Check, Preferred 411, and RoomService2000. As I do not trust anyone else to ensure my security, I am likely to request more information before agreeing to meet.

Option 3: Traditional Screening

If you have no references and are not a member of a verification site, I require the information below, or you are welcome to contact me when you are able to verify via one of the above methods.

I require the information below as your introduction (copy/paste is your friend to ensure a complete request!):


  • Your name
  • Two references including URL’s and reminder information, or, Verification Site membership information


  • Your full legal name
  • Your work phone number (a published main line, not direct to your desk!)
  • Your city of residence


  • Date Requested
  • Suggested Time
  • Alternate date/time if I am not available as noted above
  • Specific session offering requested (as named on the Offerings sub-pages)
  • Where you are hoping to meet (Seattle Sanctuary, Portland Sanctuary, or other)
  • Preferred contact  (cell or e-mail time preferences and message instructions)
  • Comments, Suggestions, Requests…

Please feel free to share more! It is nice to know why you decided to contact me, your age range, your on-line handle, how you found my ad.  Please also let me know if you have health concerns, allergies or sensitivities that I should be aware of.

Direct Email:  SolaInSeattle (at)